Where there is bad, good will rise up against it.
— Megaman

Megaman is one of the most powerful superheroes in the world and maybe even the universe. His abilities include incredible super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, sonic scream, flight, and plasma-vision. Born as Poll-Ux on the dying planet Argon, his parents Kod-Ux and Tera sent him in a rocket to the planet Earth where he would be the last surviving member of his race. His rocket was discovered by the kindly Tom and Marry Adams, who raised him as their son Mark Adams in the town of Littleville, Tennessee. His upbringing provided him with strong moral values, and life-long friends Ilene Mathews and Billy Greene. In his secret identity he works as a Lawyer at the Poe & Frost Law Firm in the city of New York. This is where he interacts with his love interest Reyna Reynolds, and his co-workers Garry Black and Johnny Gibson. His greatest nemesis is the brilliant super-villain Lou Cypher. To preserve the memory of his home planet and provide him rest from his double-life and adventures, he maintains a Fort of Peace at the North Pole. Megaman remains proud of his dual heritage, taking seriously the lessons of his birth-parents and his adopted parents. Although he is an alien to this world, he heavily values his humanity, and fights with conviction for truth, justice, and the American way. There are several other heroes inspired by or directly related to his legacy, including Megaboy and Megagirl. He is also a member of the Liberty Legion and the Ascendants.
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